Box Kite Coffee, 72nd off of Columbus Ave, Upper West Side: You Could Maybe Charge Your Phone.

Overall: 4/10. Nice, but probably won’t return

Power Outlets: No, USB ports?

Wi-fi: No

Noise Level: Low

Coffee: Okay

Bathrooms: None

Seating: Very little

Bookstore: No

Bougie: No.

Hours: 7 am-6 pm

There’s that very particular stretch of 72nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side where consumerism has flashed its pearly white teeth. Domino’s Pizza and Juice Generation elbow their ways between a kosher deli and a locally owned stationary and toy store. And under the protective hideousness of scaffolding (for now, at least), lies the Box Kite coffee shop. The shop is petite and has a thin frame. Its set-up, by all means, is minimal. There’s a bar that harbors three stools with enough room to rest a book, but barely enough room to support a MacBook Air. There’s a small bench, where, when I entered, two men were having a conversation about The New School or NYIT, or something about adjunct professing.

The lack of wi-fi is off-putting like a man who says he doesn’t understand feminism, or a woman who refuses to watch sports. It’s just annoying and weird. There are also no power outlets, just USB outlets, which would be ideal if you needed to charge your phone. The music is mostly slow R&B, the barista wears a beanie (nice guy), and the wall paper features Victorian silhouettes of women thinking about strawberries, rabbits, bulls and men thinking about bacon, cabbage, ships, fish, being someone else. Overall, it’s pleasant and the coffee is alright.


Screengrab: Google Maps

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