Plowshares Coffee Bloomingdale, 104th Street and Broadway, Upper West Side: Too Cool for Grad School.

Overall: 8/10

Power Outlets: Yes

Wi-fi: Yes, LinkNYC Free

Hours: 7 am-7 pm

Noise Level: Low

Coffee: Average-Good

Bathrooms: No

Seating: Enough. Three tables, two benches, two window seats.

Bookstore: No

Bougie: Very J. Crew.


On the widening stretch of concrete where Broadway curves at 104th street on the Upper West Side, Plowshares Coffee offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere for for its patrons. On the spectrum of small to extra large, the space in Plowshares is about medium, and though tables are limited, the writers, readers, and yogurt eaters are inclined towards sharing the generous tabletops. Plowshares is sandwiched on either avenue block by yoga studios and barber shops, but retains the too cool for prep school vibe that the Upper West Side radiates.

The music is jazzy and the baristas are at that age when you can’t tell if they’re 25 or 35. Coffee errs on the side of bitter, but fits the dark, robust ambiance of the shop. The space is ideal for staying a while and gorging yourself with carbohydrates like cheddar scallion scones or teddy bear shaped madeleines. 


Screengrab: Google Maps, bro.

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