Roasting Plant, at the Intersection of Greenwich and 7th Avenues, West Village: Crowded and Off-Kilter.

Overall: 5/10

Power Outlets: Plentiful

Wi-Fi: Yes, fast.

Noise Level: Moderate, and the roaster is a constant squealing pitch.

Coffee: Good if you like a dark, bitter roast.

Bathrooms: Yes

Seating: Enough.

Hours: 7am-9 pm

Bookstore: No

Patrons: A mix of students and work-from-computer people.


In the part of the West Village that is the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle  for tourists, Roasting Plant coffee shop is a good place to stop and charge your phone. Though there are far fewer Roasting Plant locations than Starbuck’s or even Gregory’s, it somehow emulates the staged feel of a corporate entity.

If you’re lucky enough to find a spot at the bar, you’ll likely be able to work for hours, but may not want to. The roaster is loud and distracting and the sound of angry excelerator hand dryers can be heard trying to escape the bathroom walls. While Roasting Plant would usually meet my requirements of the ideal space to work in, it doesn’t make the cut as a cozy coffee home away from home.


Screengrab: Google Maps, bro.




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