Honeyhause, East 11th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues: A Productive, Habitable Hive.

Overall: 8/10

Power Outlets: Yes.

Wi-Fi: Yes, fast.

Noise Level: Low, and the barista has a turntable.

Coffee: Good, they brew the Manhattan-loved Counter Culture Coffee.

Bathrooms: No.

Seating: Minimal.

Hours: 7am- 5 pm

Bookstore: No.

Patrons: The Eastville jazzy hipster.

If you’re craving the coziness of a small coffee shop and the orange light bath of a sunroom, then Honeyhaus Coffee would be your cup of joe. The light, tangerine wood tables, though minimal, offer enough space to comfortable read a book, and would be ideal for catching up with old friends. As I sat, unperturbed in Honeyhaus on a Monday afternoon, the owner played a soothing selection of alternative music on a music mixer squeezed between the espresso machine and the tea selection. His head bobbed to noise of wooden whistles.

The only way to effectively describe the feel of Honeyhaus would be to call it unequivocally cool. While the coffee is a standard Counter Culture brew, the lingering connection to honey has a placebo sweetening effect on its flavor. Although it is imaginably busy on the weekends, it has an ideal calming effect on a Monday afternoon of freelance writing.


Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.05.51 PM
Screen grab: Google Maps, bro.





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