VIDEO: Coffee and Makeup at Home, in Harlem

Today was my day off: a random Tuesday.

I decided to take a chill day at home to decompress, play with makeup, and try out voicing over a video. There is so much that weighs heavy on my shoulders these day from world troubles to personal troubles. A moment unplugged is coveted lately.

Having a morning routine proves invaluable to mental health. Unfortunately, my jobs don’t permit me to have a consistent schedule so I make due by always having coffee. It’s something constant.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.17.09 PM

I particularly like to make a pour-over. The steam curls and dances as hot water pours into the filter. the world seems to slow its turn in the moment that coffee settles into the mug.

My apartment is quiet and lifeless beyond a distant purring from Bruce and the hum of cars idling on the sidewalk. It’s the time to greet more frivolous thoughts like poetry about life and giving life to poetry.

I love to sink into the pink velvet chair that my roommate found on the side of the road in DC and do my makeup. I’m not a makeup artist but s layman’s colorist. I love old movie vixens and their looks, so I try to recreate them in a way that I can pull it off.Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.20.42 PM.png

I’m not going to reiterate anything that I said in the video, with the exception of the Oscar Wilde quote which actually reads “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” It’s an odd philosophy for beauty but to me it means that moderation is balance and minimalism. If you go heavy on the eye makeup, go simple on the lips. Strong blush, less liner.

I try to keep the skin very minimal and I don’t use too many products. Last year, this time I would have probably spent a lot of time covering spots, but a combination of aging and an improved diet have solved many of my dermal dilemmas.

Pausing periodically to let the caffeine run through my veins makes the ritual all the more enjoyable. I once watched a French movie where an anxious old man goes to a psychiatrist.

“Women make me very nervous,” he gritted through his teeth.

“What about them?” the psychiatrist prodded.

“Their lotions and potions are intoxicating,” the man admitted.

Beauty rituals border on witchcraft and wizardry.


xx Grace


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