Tea Bar: North 9th Street and Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg

Photo by ya’ gurl.

Hello little Blogosphere!

If you know anything about Williamsburg, you’ll know that it’s an area of mixed reviews.  Bearded hipsters, gentri-fried chicken destinations, and co-working spaces only scratch the surface of the ultra-modern area. But, situated on the sunny corner of North 9th Street and Driggs Avenue, steps away from the Bedford Avenue L train, sits a tea and coffee destination with a solid, good review.

interior wide shot of a tea shop

Tea Bar has an earthy vibe and all the tea you could ever want. As I sit in the shop on a sweltering Thursday morning, dried wooden vines adorn the walls and lighten the otherwise hectic mood. The shop has few outlets, but plenty of comfortable seating options. Fresh copies of The New York Times lay on the communal table and kindly offer to inform you about the world. You may politely decline. Commuters come and go with a caffeine fix.

I ordered the Blood Orange cold brew tea and the pumkin olive oil loaf. And if you think that sounds like a bougie overkill breakfast, you’d be correct. But, Williamsburg is the land of bougie overkill…

If I was a local, this would be my spot.

xx Grace

Overall: 8/10

Power Outlets: Few.

Wi-Fi: Yes. Password: earlgreylavender

Noise Level: Can’t tell you about the busy hours…

Tea: Perfection

Bathrooms: Yes. Key is on the counter.

Seating: Two person tables, and a large communal table.

Hours: 7:00 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Bookstore: No.

Patrons: Williamburg-ites? Williamsburgers?

Music Playing:


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.05.11 AM
Screengrab: Google maps.

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