The Tuesday Lipstick Edit


IMG_3164As I was drinking my iced coffee in Elsewhere Espresso this morning, I was feeling like a beauty post was in order.

One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is my cat, Bruce. He’s an all white Norwegian Forest Cat that was rescued from behind a dumpster. Bruce is a fluff of white with accents of pink and absolutely ginormous green eyes.

On days when I don’t want to wear eyeshadow, I go for a Bruce look. I nice, lightly smudged-in pink lipstick and not much else anywhere on the face. After slicking on the lipstick, I kiss my index and middle fingers and use what’s on there as blush. To follow suit, I chose a dress that was light and neutral. IMG_2588.jpg

I don’t like light pink lipsticks or hot pink lipsticks. I think they look like too much, especially if you have dark hair. Instead, I think a pink that mimics your natural lip color, but a bit darker ends up looking 1000x better.

My all time favorite is Kosas ‘Undone’, the color featured in the first photo alongside my insignia ring. I love this ring because I never bough a class ring in high school or college, but it has all the chunkiness and weight of an alma mater piece.

As for other skin tones and hair colors, my mom has light brown hair and fair skin, and I bought her Kosas ‘Rosewater,’ it has a more cool undertone, lighter pink and purply. My friend Clair wears the same brand in the color Stardust. Clair has light brown hair and pink undertones. As you can probably tell, I’ve turned a lot of people on to these lipsticks (not sponsored, I just think a good lipstick is worth the $24).IMG_3166

In addition to wearing lipstick, it’s equally as important to use lip balm. I like this Dr. Bronners Lip Balm because it’s almost entirely oils. It banishes flakes and, if used before putting on a really pigmented lipstick, it sheers out the color so it looks less harsh and more natural.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

xx Grace


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